Training Portal

  • Published
  • By Walter Scott
Did you know the NETCENTS-2 PMO offers training for contracting officers, contracting specialists, and communications squadron personnel?  Did you know the NETCENTS-2 Application Services, Network Operations and Infrastructure, and Products contracts have all been awarded and have no fee associated with their use?  Did you know you can purchase information technology products in less than two weeks in some cases? The NETCENTS-2 Team from Maxwell AFB Gunter Annex may be able to provide onsite or video-conferencing training at your request.  We can cover the full spectrum of our available contracts or tailor the training to your specific needs. 

In addition we are in the process of creating online, on-demand training modules.  These are short video presentations on specific topics to assist in using NETCENTS-2.  If you have an idea for a short training topic presented in this manner, please share it with us through this request form.

To get started and request training please fill out the request form on our web site at:  
Please select Training Request from the Recipient dropdown.  Also, please ensure you include your contact information.