Welcome to the US Air Forces Network-Centric Solutions-2
(NETCENTS-2) and Small Business Enterprise Application
Solutions (SBEAS) Home Page. NETCENTS-2 and SBEAS
contracts provide the Air Force with netcentric and information
technology (IT) non-commoditized hardware, software, solutions
and services not offered by other mandatory use Department of
Defense or Air Force acquisition initiatives.

What's New

ANNOUNCEMENT: COVID-19. Due to government precautions being taken to combat the
COVID-19 Virus, the Netcents-2 PMO will be minimally manned until further notice. If you
have any issues/questions, please send email to
We will be monitoring our Organizational Mailbox, and will beresponding to all customers in a timely manner.

ANNOUNCEMENT: NETCENTS-2 Products. The NETCENTS-2 Products Ordering Period is
You can no longer place an order against the contract thru AFWAY or any other NC-2
forum. The follow-on contract is 2GIT GSA BPA, set to be awarded November 2020, and will be
available for ordering IT hardware, software, and services procurements after it is awarded. The
eCommerce tool be AF Advantage NOT AFWay, which is accessed through GSA Advantage.
Again, to use the GSA schedule 70 vendors, you will need to access GSA Advantage: (There is a “Help” button).
If you have any questions, please contact GSA at their organizational mailbox,
 (or 855-482-4348), or the NETCENTS-2 Program Management Office

ANNOUNCEMENT: NETCENTS-2 Application Services Small Business (NETCENTS-2 ASSB).
The ordering period for the NETCENTS-2 ASSB IDIQ Contract EXPIRED 20 Jun 2019. The
number of years for task order performance allowed on orders placed at the end of the ordering
period for NETCENTS 2 ASSB has been increased from 3 to 5 years. The modification to reflect this
change was signed and fully executed on 24 April 2018. As a result of this modification
Program/Contracting Offices can plan their acquisition strategies accordingly and award task orders
that have a 5 year PoP. A D&F is currently being pursued to request blanket approval to allow
performance on task orders issued at the end of the ASSB ordering period to continue beyond the
allowed limit 10-year limit. Once the D&F has been approved it will be disseminated and posted to
the NETCENTS website. Contracting Officers should consult with Mr. Patrick Kennerson,
NETCENTS-2 Application Services PCO, for further guidance, as required.

ANNOUNCEMENT: NETCENTS-2 PMO Control Number Application Services IDIQ Contracts
The Air Force continues to exercise its right to restrict use of the NETCENTS-2 Application Services
Full & Open IDIQ contract due to the limited value of the current contract ceiling. NO decentralized
orders may be placed by DoD (including Air Force) and other Federal Agencies without first
obtaining pre-approval and receiving an assigned NETCENTS-2 PMO control number. This DOES
NOT apply to the NETCENTS 2 NetOps IDIQ Contracts. Previous guidance pertaining to the
AS Small Business Contract remains in effect.
Contracting Officers must request and receive a NETCENTS-2 PMO control number in order
to use all NETCENTS-2 Application Services (AS) IDIQ Contracts and make award. This
control number must be requested early in the acquisition process before an acquisition
strategy decision is made to use this contract vehicle. Contracting Officers shall NOT
consider the use of the AS IDIQ contract until approval for use of the contract vehicle has
been given by the NETCENTS-2 PMO and a Control Number has been assigned.
Reference: MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD  Subject: NETCENTS-2 Application Services Full&Open (ASF&O) Contract
Decentralized Ordering Restriction – NETCENTS-2 PMO Control Number, dated 2 December
Contracting Officers should adjust task order awards to occur on or after 17 July 2018. Please
consult with Mr. Patrick Kennerson, NETCENTS-2 Application Services PCO, for further

NETCENTS-2 Products Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Guidance - 9 Aug 17

SAF CIO A6 & AQC TAA Memorandum - 25 Jan 18 

ASFO Decentralized Ordering Restriction-Netcents-2 PMO Control Number 17 Jul 2018




Mission Statement:

Provide Contracts and Customer Support enabling Warfighter Acquisition of IT Products, Solutions, and Services 
to Fly, Fight, and Win in Air, Space and Cyberspace


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